Let’s Talk About Poop: 6 Common Causes of Shitty Bowel Movements – PLUS – You’re Pooping In The Wrong Position!

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What a fascinating subject. What’s even more fascinating to me is some human’s instant look of disgust and awkwardness when the subject gets brought up. I say get over it! I think we actually need to start talking about shit more often so that it becomes the norm and people stop freaking out. It’s important!!

Your poop can answer a lot of questions about your health and if your body agrees with what your putting into it or not. Everything from consistency, whether or not your logs leave streaks on the toilet, and even the colour can give you hints about what you need to change so you can have satisfying bowel movements (seriously, who doesn’t love a good poo?).

So.. if you don’t look at your poop after having a bowel movement, now is a good time to start.

A healthy poop will come out in a few seconds and oddly enough will resemble the tail of a dog. However, an unhealthy poop could feel like you’re dispensing gum balls from your ass, or it could look like a sausage with lumps, be complete liquid, or mushy just like pea soup.

Causes of these poo inconsistencies vary. Depending if it’s chronic or acute, it could be..

  1. Dehydration: especially if you are constipated, have lumpy sausage shaped poop, or if your butt is acting like a gum ball dispenser.
  2. Bacteria/viral associated: usually presents as complete liquid or pea soup consistency
  3. Food intolerances: again, complete liquid or pea soup consistency
  4. Insufficient fat digestion or consumption:  can be related to lumpy sausage & gum ball shaped poop OR it could result in my next point..
  5. Dampness: usually a result of a dairy intolerance, or sugar/gluten/alcohol consumption resulting in streaks left inside the bowl after flushing. It is likely that you will have to wipe a dozen times to get all the poop off of your hole in this situation.
  6. or you could just be stressed out and need to relax. Lots of diarrhea/constipation is a result of stress!

Did you know that sitting on the toilet is actually a terrible position to have a bowel movement? Stop and think for a moment how us humans used to take a shit before the porcelain goddess came into our lives. It’s very similar to having a lovely nature poo – my favourite! We SQUAT! When you sit down on the toilet you actually have a kink in your bowels. Much like a kink in your garden hose affects how much water comes out the end, the exact same thing happens in your butt. To help ease this, you can elevate your feet using your bathroom garbage can and lean forward at your hips, or you can squat on the toilet. Check out Raw Ross’s video on how to do this properly.


If you’re keen to know more about how you can improve your digestion and start enjoying pooping – you’ll want to download my *free* gift or apply for a *complimentary* session with me to find out if I can help you improve the quality of your bowel movements.

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